Profitable and green Helsinki Central Railway Station

The virtual power plant service will cover three of VR Group’s properties: the Helsinki Central Railway Station, and the Pieksämäki and Oulu depots.

Temporary changes can be made at the properties without any disturbance to the operation or the conditions. Long-term cooperation, which has increased the energy efficiency of VR Group’s properties, will be complemented with the virtual power plant service that Siemens will deliver as a turnkey solution.

“We have been developing the efficiency of property maintenance and energy use for a long time now. The virtual power plant service is another way of increasing the profitability of properties, as it provides a new way to earn money with them. Renewable energy is challenging the entire energy system. The increased need for load following power due to the energy revolution is creating new possibilities for properties, and possibly new obligations in the future as well. We want to already make preparations for these changes now,” says Juha Antti Juutinen, Director of Real Estate at VR Group.

”Properties have plenty of flexibility potential: you just have to know which changes can be made without disturbing the operations. Siemens’ expertise ensures success.”
-Mikko Aalto, Siemens Osakeyhtiö