SYK utilizes data management to fight climate change – properties will be connected to Virtual Power Plant

University Properties of Finland Ltd (Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy, SYK) has almost 250 properties on university campuses outside Helsinki metropolitan area. SYK invests in sustainability and connects its properties to a virtual power plant service that uses data to optimize electricity consumption.

Siemens’ virtual platform and the connected building automation system enable automatic changes in the electricity consumption of buildings and production facilities. The automation utilizes the latest technology and data to take into account and anticipate, for example, the effects of weather conditions on energy demand and optimizes consumption accordingly.

With the help of the virtual power plant in SYK’s properties, momentary changes can be made to implement the flexibility required by the electricity grid. The virtual power plant service may contribute to the need to reduce coal-based reserve power usage and thus reduce the carbon footprint produced by SYK.

In practice, flexibility is put into practice in SYK’s properties for example by regulating ventilation. Momentary changes do not disturb the circumstances in the buildings. The grid company Fingrid pays compensation to companies and communities that provide flexibility to the electricity network, so SYK benefits from a new new earnings model in its properties.

“Development of real estate assets in accordance with the principles of sustainable development is at the core of our operations. Through the virtual power plant service, we can participate in the fight agains climate change. ”
-Ville Kautto, University Properties of Finland