Smart solutions verify the future

Siemens’ smart energy platform enables efficient knowledge-based property management. By analysing data, situations can be anticipated, and the property can be controlled intelligently to meet environmental targets, ensure optimal conditions, and improve profitability.

Maintenance actions can be planned and carried out at the correct time. More specific information on the property’s electricity consumption profile can be obtained to negotiate more affordable contracts. Data from outside the property – such as weather forecasts – can be uploaded to adapt operations to the prevailing conditions in advance.

Measurable added value immediately

A property will earn measurable added value immediately after joining Siemens’ virtual ecosystem. Furthermore, the property will be able to actively, efficiently, and safely operate in our smart, networked society. The owner will be able to be among the first to utilize new digital services and business models that increase competitiveness.

Electric vehicles as part of real estate system

A smart energy platform makes the electric vehicle recharging infrastructure part of the real estate system. The consumption of electricity is managed as a single whole in the entire property – and to an increasing extent with the other parties active in the ecosystem. Optimization of the total electrical power can be used to avoid investments in the expansion of the electricity system. The property’s electricity consumption will be temporarily decreased in other areas during times when many people are recharging their electric cars. The consumption will remain within the specified target limits, which achieves cost savings

Own energy production

Solution can also be integrated with a solar electricity system and electricity storage. The property can store, buy, sell, or use electricity it has produced itself or purchased on the market when it is affordable. Electricity storage also assists in managing electricity consumption peaks.


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