VIBECO – Virtual Power Plant Company

A new digital platform economy company established in Finland, VIBECO – Virtual Buildings Ecosystem Oy, is responsible for Siemens’ virtual power plant service.

VIBECO is responsible for the operations in the energy market so that Siemens can focus on its key expertise: technology solutions.

At present, Siemens is VIBECO’s sole owner, but the goal is to expand the ownership base. Other potential owners include real estate investment companies as they have the best perspective on which services provide added value to properties.

As the owner of VIBECO, Siemens’ technology expertise is the basis of the new company’s services. The services are offered to customers as an easy comprehensive solution that includes the technology, expertise, services, and possibly also funding.

The company’s first digital service is the virtual power plant service for properties. In future, the company will also offer other data-based services which can be produced on the open platform not only by Siemens, but other companies operating in the ecosystem.

”With our new digital services, we want to be involved in building a sustainable future for properties, societies and future generations.”
-Veikka Pirhonen, CEO, VIBECO Oy