Virtual power plant service started with shopping center Sello

Sello shopping center is already active in the energy market. It is the first significant property complex in Finland to be part of the electricity reserve market offered by Fingrid.

Automation enables the property to make decisions on buying and storing energy, as well as using the stored energy, depending on the needs of the market. The virtual power plant solution realized at Sello has become a significant new operating model that also benefits other Finnish properties.

“This progressive project is blazing a trail in how shopping malls can be involved in the climate protection effort and work for the good of the environment and society as a whole. Project solutions also take into account customer satisfaction and good operating conditions for tenants in the shopping center,” says Matti Karlsson, CEO of Sello.

”In addition to building technology and digitalization solutions, a solar power system has been installed in the shopping center. The solution also includes recharging stations for electric vehicles. Siemens’ smart energy platform enables efficient implementation of new services at Sello.”
-Anssi Laaksonen, Siemens Osakeyhtiö