Lidl’s 136 stores in Finland will be connected to the virtual power plant service

Lidl invests in sustainable development and connects 136 stores in Finland to the virtual power plant service.

In practice, connecting to a virtual power plant means that in the future, Lidl’s stores will automatically increase or decrease electricity consumption in order to balance the electricity grid. Changes in electricity consumption are implemented by regulating ventilation and water cooling machines. The changes are momentary and do not interfere with conditions in stores.

The flexibility of electricity consumption through a virtual power plant reduces the need to use coal-based reserve power in Finland. At the same time, Lidl can participate in the consumer elasticity market and earn income from store properties.

”Through the virtual power plant service, we are involved in the fight against climate change and reducing the carbon footprint of Finnish society. At the same time, we participate in the grid operations in Finland, which reduces the need for carbon-based reserve power.”
-Simo Siitonen, Lidl Suomi